I’m not a writer, but want to take you on a journey…

Faith is a journey not a destination…

I’ve always felt I should journal my journey but always held back because I’m not a writer. I even had people tell me you should write a book. So I’m finally coming around to do something about it. 

Wandering where I should start from. Maybe I should start from where I’m at today and just take my time travel car back to the past and  (back to the future) hopefully I don’t get lost like my Michael J Fox real good movies. So here we go

November of 1972 I was called into existence and from that moment my journey through life started in the womb of my mother. It started with questions whether this pregnancy should continue or be terminated. A story I’ve heard a lot in my childhood. I was sometimes called a mistake but yet I wasn’t really a mistake I was meant to be here. This must’ve been very critical moments for me in there they say a baby in the womb feel what’s going on with their mom. It was also difficult for my mother who was in her forties and already had three children that entered their teenage years to be pregnant at this age. Some negotiations happened at this time my eldest sister made promises to take care of me. Others came and wanted her to keep the pregnancy and they would adopt me. Oh boy it must’ve been really scary feeling rejected right there in the womb. But God was there in the midst of it fighting my first fight for me. You see this very scary ideas of being adopted and taken away from the only person I knew at the time was actually God fighting my first battle for me. And it was a won battle.

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